Bank of Canada Modernization Study

Ottawa, Ontario

The Bank of Canada headquarters in Ottawa is housed in an iconic building designed by renowned architect Arthur Erickson and opened in 1978. Wrapping around an original 1938 centre block, two twelve story towers and a connecting atrium were distinctive and innovative for their time. Exterior and envelope design are completely integrated with structural, mechanical, and electrical systems and with custom interior partitions and furnishings.

In 2008, the Bank commissioned Griffiths Rankin Cook Architects to conduct a modernization study of the building. As a member of the multi-disciplinary team, Carlyle Design Associates provided numerous services including:

  • Stacking and blocking diagrams with recommendations for final locations of bank departments throughout the building
  • Density studies – low, medium and high – exploring options for varying percentages of enclosed versus open work space
  • Floor plan scenarios and 3D sketches with zoning options respecting the structural and systems integrity of the building, reinforcing primary vertical and horizontal circulation patterns, maximizing transparency with connection to daylight and views, and showing various configurations for the mix of individual work space with communal/shared space
  • Recommendations for heritage zones requiring special consideration
  • Conceptual approach to interior palette of finishes and colours and to re-integration of partitioning with casegoods and furniture